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Climate Elements that Make Our Climate and Weather



Of all things around us, we are most influenced by the environment around us. But the landscape does not change too much over short periods. Than why do we feel that there is always something around us which is influencing us and which changes with time, even in short term. This is the Climate of the place we are located.

It is so all enveloping that we feel that even our moods and decisions are influenced by it. Something, which is so omnipresent and so influential on our thinking and our way of life, has to be understood in details.
 But we must first come up with some acceptable definition of climate and the various factors, which determine it.
But before we go on to a working definition of climate and weather we must have certain idea as to what factors or Elements as I call them are responsible for the Climate and Weather.
Each of us has some idea about it. However, I will enumerate the Elements as I call them, which determine the Climate of a place. They are the Heat content of a place which is measured by Temperature at that place, the Water which includes not only water bodies but also humidity (water vapor in the air), the Air which surrounds us and gives a play field to the other elements to interact with each other and the Land on which we live and which hosts not only us but other life forms like plants and other animals and which enables the very existence of our planet and provides pockets for water bodies like Rivers, Lakes, Glaciers, Seas, Oceans. In fact Land provides the platform for all other Elements to have their existence very near to each other and allow them to intermingle and interact with each other and create what we Know as climate.
 But any enumeration of Elements making up our Climate won’t be complete without the mention of Living beings including human beings and plants because not only are we there to understand and bear the Climate which the other Elements make for us but we along with other animals and plants influence the Climate so markedly that that we (human beings, other animals and plants) have become the fifth Element and that too a very potent one.
If we observe the world around us and the natural processes and phenomenon, we will see that the other four Elements Heat, Land, Air and Water do not change too rapidly but the changes in the fifth Element (Living beings) can be rapid and so does its influence on climate, and hence lies the importance of this fifth Element which owns its very existence to the other four Elements.
The basic definition of Climate in league with the above discussion will be “ The end result of the interaction between the five Elements Heat (temperature), Water, Land, Air and living beings at any particular instance of time which is determined by the various permutations and combinations in which they are present, at a particular geographical location at which we are defining Climate is the Climate of that particular place at that particular time and the same definition can be extended to greater and prolonged periods of time to give the Climate of a place over that period of time in which we want to define Climate.”
 But the five Elements are mostly uniform over a sustained period of time over a particular geographical area and hence their interaction and the result of this interaction is the Climate of that place.“
“The day-to-day fluctuations in the interaction of these various Elements determine the Climate at any particular instance of time, and are known as weather.”  Since we define weather as thus, so we can derive from this that Climate is weather averaged over a long period. This is a more practical definition, as it’s so much easier to measure weather conditions over short periods and to juxtapose the result over longer periods to give a good idea of the climate of a place.
Though the above is more immediately practical but its not the most accurate method to determine the Climate of a place and for that we will have to restore to more rigorous scientific and long term methods to determine the climate of a place.
But as I have written in my book ”Theory Of Stability: Origin And Evolution Of Life" there are definitely a huge number of planets around us in the Cosmos including our universe which support life and in which the Environmental factors must interact to not only give rise to Life but also to sustain it. Though I believe, the Elements Heat (Temperature) and Land will be the same everywhere with much of the Heat (Temperature) being provided by the Star (like our Sun) of each planetary system. The other Elements will be there but there composition can differ. Water can be replaced by other fluids like Hydrogen sulphide and the composition of the Air (Atmosphere) can differ markedly, which in turn will determine the fifth Element (Living beings on that planet). Thus, Climate is not an exclusive preserve of either Earth or other life supporting planets but wherever the Elements are present, which is in all celestial bodies, climate is there. We just need to be there to experience it or send instruments to measure and Gauge it.
The elements, which constitute and make the climate, are very important to understand because any manmade change in their interaction or their quality or quantity can have very disastrous consequences for the climate.
In today’s world, it’s the fifth element, we humans that are responsible for most of the climate change particularly in the last 500 years. This change is rapid and in many cases undesirable. We have to make a beginning to slow it down and understanding the elements, which make the climate and weather, is a good beginning.
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