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 I am presently revising the book into its 3rd edition. I hope to make the book available soon.


Hello readers, I am Tanvir Nebuchadnezar, author of the book, ‘Theory of Stability: Origin and Evolution of Life”, the book I want you to buy, than possess the book, than read the book, than think about the book, than think of what I have given in the book and consequent to that what has changed in you and your thinking.

From the very inception of human existence, we have wondered from where we have come and what is our destiny. We formulated various theories, which could answer this basic question. This resulted in the consolidated of these theories into worship and than into religion. This is the basis and origin of religion. Even with the formation of organized religion, the main purpose of which is to satisfy and curb this curiosity at the same time, human curiosity has not abated to find alternative explanations for our origins and our existence. This book must be looked in that direction, another attempt to satisfy your curiosities about your origin and your destiny. This is a scientific work, the likes of which you are unlikely to have read before.

I studied the existing themes of evolution and analyzed its impact on humans. I came to a conclusion that more needs to be done to satisfy the curiosities of the human mind. My book is an answer to the curiosity in your mind, a curiosity passed from generation to generation, to you.

This book will provide you answers for which you always had questions but never an answer. You must also read this book because to understand our origins and how we have become us, is basic science, which every human on this planet must understand. We have a need to understand our past and we must understand our present. Than only will you be able to understand the future. This book is the tool, which will let you accomplish this goal. This is why you must read this book.

In this book, I will carry you on a journey, which will be fascinating, dreamy, frightening and exhilarating to very core. It will jolt the very foundations of science; it will jolt the very foundations of your beliefs. You may be disturbed. But, this will be transient. Than a calmness and tranquility will engulf you, which you have never experienced before.
It will give you ideas, which you never thought possible. It will give you answers when you thought there were none. It will create paths, where you thought never existed.

Though, this book will leave you depleted both physically and mentally but it will leave a calmness, a firmness, a hope, a dream which will bring spring in your stride, a hope of something, which your never envisioned nor felt in your life.

For those of you who are religiously minded and might not see any virtue in reading a book on evolution, I quote from “To Pray as  a Jew A Guide to the Prayer Book and the Synagogue service” by Rabbi Hayim Halevy Donin,
“Side by side with deep faith is the existence of God and in his providence, there is an awareness of God’s mystery. After we exhaust all philosophical speculation, rational analysis, or mystical insights, God still remains beyond our understanding. His secret remains impenetrable.”

If we go by the above quotation by one of the premier Mesopotamian Rabbi and intellectual, God is a mystery that we again and again try to demystify because it caters to our inherent desire to know our creator. ‘Theory of Stability: Origin and Evolution of Life’ is an honest and humble attempt to understand our creator and its creation. In this way, this book will answer the very basic, intellectual question that exists in human mind and psyche. It will quench some of the thirst for that understanding but is not attempted to replace other thoughts or intellectual answers. The thirst for this understanding of our origins and destiny is the very essence of our soul.

So the reader may happily and safely read, “Theory of Stability: Origin and Evolution of Life”, knowing fully well that this work is not to belittle the philosophical or scientific explanations of others but is a vehicle to facilitate the process of understanding our creation and creator. Amen!

COPYRIGHT © Tanvirnebuchadnezar

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